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  • norway spruce

    Norway Spruce (picea abies) Christmas Tree

    Norway Spruce (picea abies) Christmas Tree, is the most well-known of all Christmas tree varieties. When grown out in the open will take a classic Christmas tree shape, with a broad base of spreading branches close to the ground and a gently tapering shape towards the top. From a commercial growers point of view they…
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  • Scots Pine (pinus sylvestris)

    Scots Pine (pinus sylvestris) are a quick growing evergreen conifer widely used in parks and gardens. It can be planted as a specimen or as a group and can be grown on most soils. It is the most widely distributed conifer in the world and still occurs naturally in Scotland. Conspicuous cones may fall or…
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  • shrub honeysuckle

    Shrub Honeysuckle Lonicera Nitida

    Shrub Honeysuckle Lonicera Nitida is an evergreen hedge, the plant has small leaves and will make a good relatively easy maintained hedge. It is dense and may be clipped to any size. It's become very popular used as a low screen and windbreak. Yellow flowers appear in pairs in April, followed by berries. Shrub Honeysuckle…
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  • sitka spruce picea sitchenis cone

    Sitka Spruce (Picea Sitchensis)

    Sitka Spruce (Picea Sitchensis) is the most commonly planted UK forestry tree. It's named after a place called Sitka in Alaska.  Sitka spuce is a very quick growing spruce with very straight conical trunk with long sweeping branches. Top quality timber, very versatile and easy to work with.  Deep moist and well drained soils are…
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  • Strawberry trees (arbutus unedo)

    Strawberry trees (arbutus unedo)

    Strawberry trees (arbutus unedo) is evergreen. It's a striking tree or shrub with its leathery green leaves, making a superb focal point for any garden both large and small. The creamy/pink heather like flowers appear in autumn followed by plump scarlet red fruits that do indeed look like strawberries but unfortunately doesn't taste like them!…
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  • Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) Evergreen

    Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) Evergreen

    Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) Evergreen is certainly one of the most shade tolerant species there is. Biggest Hemlock species growing well on all soil types but not chalk. Shade tolerant and can withstand heavy rainfalls. Attractive specimen conifer with brown/purple bark, needles are green on top and white underneath. The Western Hemlock can grow at very…
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  • western red cedar

    Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata)

    Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) is best for hedging or as a specimen tree is fast growing and is commonly planted in the UK. A good alternative to Leylandi and will grow up to 60cm per year.  It can make a dense evergreen hedge and has a rich cedar scent when crushed between your hands.…
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