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  • Holly (Ilex Aquifolium)

    Holly - Ilex Aquifolium hedging , foliage good for wildlife and is a valuable minor species on woodland edges and in hedgerows. It's evergreen foliage is a source of shelter for the birds, animals and insects. Female trees may produce enough berried shoots to be commercial at Christmas time. Thorny leaves make it a stock proof…
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  • rosa spinossima

    Holm Oak (quercus ilex)

    Quercus Ilex or Holm Oak- Good as shelterbelt tree or hedging. Can withstand sea winds, late spring produces male catkins, acorns are pointed and does not lose its leaves. There are few very large evergreen broadleaved trees that will grow in Britain. Holm Oak is one of them, it makes a bold statement in the…
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  • Hybrid Larch tree (larix eurolepsis) evergreen

    This hybrid Larch (larix eurolepsis) between the European and Japanese larches is quite outstanding. It has greater vigour than either parent and will produce sawn timber more durable than Japanese larch. It was first produced around 1904 at Dunkeld House on Tayside. In this instance the 'mother' tree was Japanese, but some later deliberate crosses…
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  • Juniperous Hibernica Evergreen Quality plants buy online tree-shop.co.uk

    GOOD CONICAL TREE The Juniperus communis 'Hibernica' (Irish Juniper), is a popular slim columnar conifer. It forms a neat, well ordered column, with its soft looking blue-green slightly feathery foliage. Useful for the smaller garden since it is unlikely to ever outgrow its position. Suitable for screen or shrubbery, very hardy. The juniper…
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  • Kalmia Mountain Laurel (Olympic Fire) Kalmia Latifolia

    GOOD FLOWERING SHRUB/TREE The Kalmia Mountain Laurel (Olympic fire) Kalmia Latifolia is considered to be the most beautiful flowering native shrub of North America. The dark red buds open to pleasing saucer shaped pink blooms, making sensational colour contrast against the dark glossy leathery leaves. Clusters of deep pink flowers produced in early…
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  • Laurel Hedging (Prunus Laurocerasus) tree-shop

    Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus) makes a good hedging screen, is tolerant of shade, a good hedging plant which can be pruned back. Sometimes called Cherry laurel this familiar evergreen laurel reaches 10 metres in height and spreads widely. It has been extensively planted for pheasant cover and ornament in Britain since 1576. Its origin is Eastern Europe and Asia Minor. …
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  • Lawson Cypress Hedging Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana

    Lawson Cypress Hedging and Tree (Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana)-Britain's most popular garden conifer planted for ornamental purposes and for hedging. Tough and hardy, tolerant of most soils as long as well drained. Foliage is light green with female flower appearing on ends of branchlets and red male flowers growing on ends of branches, when ripe turn red.…
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  • Lodgepole Pine Pinus Contorta

    Lodgepole Pine Pinus Contorta will grow well in most soil conditions. Its foliage is bright green, long and not too dense. Female flowers grow on tips of new shoots, male flowers are yellow and grow at base of new growth. This tall pine will grow up to 80ft and can grow on poor soils.
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  • Magnolia Grandiflora Evergreen

    The Magnolia grandiflora is an evergreen magnolia, sometimes seen growing against a wall in a sunny position, but just as likely to be seen as a good specimen shrub. Thick glossy leaves covered beneath by rusty hairs. This tree won't flower until it is more mature at approx 8 years.  The age of the Tree Shop Magnolias are usually 3…
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  • Monkey Puzzle trees Araucaria Araucana

    The Monkey Puzzle trees-(araucaria araucana). This curious tree has a primeval look about it. The kind of plant that would probably have been familiar to dinosaurs. It always develops a perfectly straight stem and equally spaced whorls of branches. The bark on the stem is grey and becomes heavily wrinkled like an elephants foot. The…
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