Pot grown trees

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  • WEEPING KATSURA TREE (cercidiphyllum japonicum pendulum)

    HEART SHAPED LEAVES.  A real must have tree ! A real must !The Weeping Katsura tree (cercidiphyllum japonicum pendulum) was first introduced in Britain in about 1864. This is an important tree in garden design as it adds an air of elegance and adds a distinctively different kind of foliage as well as a…
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  • WEEPING PEAR (pyrus salicifolia pendula) Trees

    Weeping pear ornamental tree (pyrus salicifolia pendula).  A very elegant small tree with long sweeping willow-like branches. A good garden tree suitable for even very small gardens as it only grows up to 4 meters x 4 meters wide and can easily be maintained should it get untidy with branches dragging down onto the ground. Pruning can be…
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  • Wellingtonia (sequoiadendron giganteum)

    Wellingtonia (sequoiadendron giganteum) a familiar tree in parks, large gardens and private estates throughout Britain. The dark green spire of foliage reaches skywards and stands well above all the other trees around it.  Lower branches tend to become gracefully down-swept until, on reaching the ground, they take root and begin to shoot upwards again. The soft…
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    White mulberry trees ( Morus Alba) - from China is the one preferred by the silk worm. It has glossy, quite smooth leaves that are more given to fancy lobbing than those of the Black mulberry, but it is not so hardy. The white mulberry really does need the hot summers.  The fruits are edible…
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  • Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium) – white blossom

    Prunus Avium (Wild Cherry) fruits are bright red to dark purple in colour. The white blossom of our native cherries has brightened Britain's hedgerows and woodlands for millennia.The blossom has an unforgettable display in spring.The flowers fragrance and sweet nectar attract insects to the tree to pollinate it. If the bark is damaged, it exudes gum…
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  • Wych Hazel- ( Hamamelis )

    Wych Hazel , close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in the garden the air is cold on your cheeks and there is a delicious scent, sweet yet spicy, soft yet brittle , chances you are standing next to ( Hamamelis- Witch Hazel). Cultivated for their spider-like scented flowers, which are carried on…
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