Pot grown trees

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  • Whitebeam tree (sorbus aria)

    Whitebeam(sorbus Aria) grows well on acid soils, chalk and dry limestone. In spring leaves are silvery/white, in autumn leaves turn golden with red berries which when over-ripe can be made into a jelly to eat with venison. Scented flowers appear in May.  is a  fairly compact bushy European tree which is also native to south-east…
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  • Wych Hazel- ( Hamamelis ) orange and yellow

    Wych Hazel  Orange Beauty -close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in the garden the air is cold on your cheeks and there is a delicious scent, sweet yet spicy, soft yet brittle, chances you are standing next to Hamamelis- Witch Hazel. Cultivated for their spider-like scented flowers, which are carried on bare…
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