Pot grown trees

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  • Indian Bean tree Catalpa Bignonioides

    Indian Bean Tree  The name 'Indian' is a reference to North American native Indians. St James Square in Monmouthshire, Wales is the site of a historic Indian Bean Tree.It is thought to be one of the oldest and largest specimens in the United Kingdom.        The Catalpa bignonioides, a native of the southeastern…
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  • Japanese Maple trees (Acer Palmatum)

    Trees- Recommended gift for any sized garden Japanese Maple trees are excellent potted for patio or terrace.  The gorgeous japanese maple is a must for a shaded part in your garden. Definate a wow factor.This Japanese maple starts life as a rich green and through autumn turns red, orange and bronze. Autumn…
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  • JUDAS TREE( Cercis Siliquastrum)

    Cercis  Siliquastrum tree-Judas tree is fantastic to see in early spring when it is covered with rose-pink pea-shaped flowers that open in before the leaves appear. They appear in clusters all over the plant, even on main branches and sometimes the stem. Even when heavily pruned or pollarded the plant will continue to flower. In the autumn…
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  • Juniper Juniperous Hibernica

    GOOD CONICAL TREE The Juniperus communis 'Hibernica' (Irish Juniper), is a popular slim columnar conifer. It forms a neat, well ordered column, with its soft looking blue-green slightly feathery foliage. Useful for the smaller garden since it is unlikely to ever outgrow its position. Suitable for screen or shrubbery, vary hardy The juniper tree is one of…
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  • Kalmia Mountain Laurel (Olympic Fire) kalmia latifolia

    GOOD FLOWERING SHRUB/TREE The Kalmia Mountain Laurel (Olympic fire) kalmia latifolia is considered by many to be the most beautiful flowering native shrub of North America. The dark red buds open to pleasing saucer shaped pink blooms, making sensational colour contrast against the dark glossy leathery leaves. Clusters of deep pink flowers produced in…
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  • Katsura Trees Cercidiphyllum Japonicum

    GREAT present, heart shaped leaves ! Katsura Trees-Cercidiphyllum Japonicum , sometimes called (the candyfloss tree) is one of the most enchanting of all trees, with a daintiness and grace that fits it to a small garden. It is a lovely unusual but easily grown deciduous tree with its neat, heart-shaped leaves that have…
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  • Korean Fir (ABIES KOREANA) Order Online Today Quality stock

    Beautiful little fir trees Korean Fir trees-The main feature of this small shapely conifer is its tendency to produce 5-7cm upright cones which in summer are vivid bloomed purple. These appear on small very young trees so for many years they occur at eye level. They contrast well with the blunt grey-green needles. Most trees…
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  • Laburnum-Laburnum Watereri Vossii

    Popular garden trees ! Laburnum. Laburnum Vossii trees are proving a very popular garden tree which is the common name Golden Rain Tree or in Latin, Laburnum x Watereri Vossii.  The Laburnum has mid green foliage and has a superb display of long racemes of golden yellow flowers often growing to 60cm in length which open in May.…
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  • Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’

    Black Tulip Magnolia trees - NEW IN-Good size 120/150 potted.  Of all the magnolia's this is the deepest in colour of any. Truly beautiful colours. It has deep pink/burgundy flowers very eye catching in your garden which emerge in early Spring and followed by glossy large green leaves. The colours of the flowers deepens with…
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  • Magnolia Daphne NEW IN

    Magnolia Daphne *New In* to tree shop. This compact Magnolia has the deepest of yellow flowers in Spring and is perfect for the smaller garden or a show piece.
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