Pot grown trees

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  • Copper Norway Maple trees (acer platanoides schwedleri)

            A good tree for the larger garden.  Copper Norway maple Trees , would make a good background tree for its colour and height.  It will grow in the right conditions up to 28 metres.  Grows well on acid and chalky soils, can tolerate partial shade and full sun. Flowers later than…
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  • Cornus Kousa Flowering Dogwood Cappuccino

    Cornus Kousa, Flowering dogwood, Cappuccino New variety - Most attractive Cornus Kousa Cappuccino which can be a small tree or shrub. Very unusual as the leaves emerge bright green and turn to bronze and deep burgundy crimson throughout the summer. A deciduous shrub/tree producing tiny green flowers surrounded by 4 creamy white bracts which are…
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  • Crimson King Maple tree

    CRIMSON KING tree for a special gift Crimson King tree have deep attractive beetroot coloured leaves but come autumn the leaves turn red, brown and orange.  A good specimen garden tree for the larger garden and also for screening unsightly buildings.  Will tolerate most soils including clay.
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  • Cut Leaved Birch Betula Crispa Tree

    A good graceful tree Cut leaved birch trees - Acer pendula Crispa trees with elegant and  fine graceful branches and drooping shoots. This is a good landscape plant having a bright silver and brown stem and light airy foliage. Almost no shade is cast and it will not block views. It will grow perfectly well…
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  • Fig Tree (Ficus carica) ‘Brown Turkey’

    Fig tree ( Ficus carica) 'Brown Turkey' This striking fruit, with its fresh green or deep purple skin and vibrant deep pink flesh, is a wonderful addition to the autumnal table. A large deciduous shrub with bold, deeply lobed leaves and tiny flowers borne within a hollow receptacle which enlarges to form the edible fruit…
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  • Garnet Maple trees (acer palmatum garnet) ornamental arboretum, dwarf japanese maple

    An ideal gift Japanese maple trees (acer palmatum garnet)  Decidiuous small japanese maple which can be planted out on a patio in a large pot, or as a specimen shrub in the rock garden.  Also used for bonsai. Finely lobed  red leaves open up during April and go a deeper red throughout the summer.  Autumn colours are…
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  • Ginkgo Trees |Maidenhair Tree|

    Ginkgo or Maidenhair trees makes a remarkable feature in any garden. Deciduous, upright and narrow,dark green leaves turning yellow before falling.It is known for its spectacular yellow autumn colour. Ginkgo's are remarkably easy to care for and will grow in most conditions from sun through to shade. The Ginkgo tree is completely hardy and often makes an…
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  • Golden Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa Bignonioides Aurea)

    Stunning beautiful trees ! Golden indian Bean Trees (Catalpa Bignonioides Aurea trees)  is a glorious tree.  A 'must have' tree . The golden bean tree maybe slow growing at first but within 2 years you will start to see a most beautiful tree.  It will be the talking point of any garden. The large leaf is…
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  • Golden Japanese Maple Acer Japonicum Aureum Jordan

    Once seen you will want it ! Golden Japanese Maple-'Aureum' is a medium-sized, bushy,deciduous shrub or tree, to 4m, with leaf colour varying at different seasons.  This small picturesque distinctly Japanese tree brings a flash of gold to the arboretum throughout the summer months. It has rounded yellow leaves, each having about 11…
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  • Golden Locust trees Robinia Pseudoacacia Frisia Golden colour intensifies in autumn.

    Very popular trees Golden Locust trees -Few arboretum trees have the same impact through the summer as the popular golden locust. The pale golden leaves light up a dark corner backed by copper beech, yew or other evergreens; or dramatically reflect the sun against blue sky. In autumn the golden colour intensifies. This tree is tough and very hardy.…
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