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  • Golden Japanese Maple Acer Japonicum Aureum Jordan

    Golden Japanese Maple-'Aureum' is a medium-sized, bushy, deciduous shrub or tree,  leaf colour varying at different seasons.  This small picturesque distinctly Japanese tree brings a flash of gold to the arboretum throughout the summer months. It has rounded yellow leaves, each having about 11 toothed lobes. It is very much an enthusiasts plant. Clusters of…
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  • Guelder Rose Viburnum Opulus

    Guelder Rose Viburnum Opulus this deciduous shrub produces beautiful orange autumn foliage colour together with heavy bunches of glutinous scarlet berries. The guelder rose seldom exceeds 4 metres in height but spreads widely. In spring it has tight clusters of strikingly white flowers. It's a British native species commonly found along woodland edges in lowland…
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  • Honey Locust Sunburst Gleditsia Trianthos

    Honey locust 'Sunburst' Is a small deciduous tree with a rounded crown. Golden yellow spring foliage which darkens to pale green but then turns butter yellow in autumn. This is an elegant tree which becomes a special feature both in spring and autumn each year. Honey locust are striking trees, often planted for contrast…
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  • Hornbeam (CARPINUS BETULA)

    Native Hornbeam - Carpinus Betula) can make a hardy hedge which is similar in appearance to the Green Beech. The Hornbeam also makes a splendid native tree. Green catkins form from late Spring to Autumn which turn to clusters of winged fruit and act as a food source for wild life and birds. The bright…
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  • Japanese rowan trees (sorbus commixta)

    Japanese Rowan trees-Fairly quick growing hardy trees that can reach up to 10mtrs in height. Is most happiest in a neutral soil that is well draining withstanding full sun or partial shade. In the autumn it starts to turn a dark purple and then becomes scarlet before turning deep red, with large clusters of red berries.
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    John Downie Crab apple (Malus John Downie)

    Malus John Downie Crab Apple -The heavy fruiting crab apple 'John Downie' was raised in Lichfield England in 1875 by Mr E Holmes. It was named after his friend and fellow nurseryman John Downie from Scotland. The tree, which resembles a free grown orchard apple in size and shape, has white blossom which starts off…
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  • JUDAS TREE(Cercis Siliquastrum)

    Cercis  Siliquastrum tree- Judas tree is a good tree for a small garden.  It is  fantastic to see in early spring when it is covered with rose-pink pea-shaped flowers that open in before the leaves appear. They appear in clusters all over the plant, even on main branches and sometimes the stem. Even when heavily…
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  • Kashmir Rowan trees (sorbus cashmiriana)

    Kashmir Rowan trees-Clusters of soft pink flowers in spring, followed in midsummer by heavy bunches of attractive pure white fruits which persist right into the winter, even after the leaves have fallen. This is a superb small ornamental mountain ash which has the double attraction of spring flowers and persistent berries later on. The pretty flowers…
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  • Korean Fir (ABIES KOREANA) Order Online Today Quality stock

    Beautiful little fir trees Korean Fir trees-The main feature of this small shapely conifer is its tendency to produce 5-7cm upright cones which in summer are vivid bloomed purple. These appear on small very young trees so for many years they occur at eye level. They contrast well with the blunt grey-green needles. Most trees…
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  • Laurel Hedging (Prunus Laurocerasus) tree-shop

    Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus) makes a good hedging screen, is tolerant of shade, a good hedging plant which can be pruned back. Sometimes called Cherry laurel this familiar evergreen laurel reaches 10 metres in height and spreads widely. It has been extensively planted for pheasant cover and ornament in Britain since 1576. Its origin is Eastern Europe and Asia Minor. …
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