Arboretum species

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  • redsnakefullsize43

    Red Snake Bark Maple Trees (Acer Capillipes)

    Acer Capillipes-Red snake-bark maple trees are beautiful trees. It certainly earns its keep, thanks to its green bark streaked with white that remains attractive all year. In autumn, its distinctively-shaped three-pointed leaves turn bright red and orange before falling. The branches are naturally arching, giving the tree an elegant, spreading shape. Fully hardy, trees require sunny or…
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  • River Birch tree (Betula Nigra).Tolerates wet areas..

    River Birch Tree-Betula Nigra The main feature of this small to medium sized spreading tree is its interesting peeling bark. This builds up on the stem and main branches in soft curling layers of pink, orange, grey and brown. The other great advantage of this species is its tolerance of wet soil and seasonal flooding. It makes…
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  • Royal Alder tree

    Royal Alder tree (Alnus Glutinosa Imperialis)

    Royal Alder-This is an ideal choice of an unusual tree for a wet site. It is a cut-leaved form of the common alder, and it has all the advantages of that robust species. Soil that is saturated for part of each year suits it very well. The nitrogen fixing nodules found on the roots of…
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  • SALIX INTEGRA (Salix Integra-Nishiki Flamingo)

      Good present for small garden Willow Tree Salix Integra-Nishiki Flamingo- This stunning 'flamingo willow' produces a brilliant spring and summer display, bursting forth from bare branches, often with catkins, into a mass of amazing creamy-pink variegated and tipped new shoots, set against white mottled and marbled leaves. This grafted willow would make an excellent…
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  • Scarlet Oak tree (Quercus Coccinea).Fantastic colour.

    Scarlet oak is often planted as an ornamental oak, is one of the best hardy American oaks,  popular for its reliable bright red autumn colour. Frosty autumn mornings bring out the best red coloration. Can be used as a shade tree or specimen. It tolerates a variety of conditions and is not picky about soil, though it does have…
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  • Smooth Japanese (Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum)

    Smooth Japanese Maple-(Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum). It requires dappled shade for the best results. It was first recognized in cultivation in 1857, but new seedlings have been repeatedly selected ever since then. The summer and autumn foliage varies according to the origin of the plant. In summer it is bronzey red to deep purple, and in…
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  • Snowdrop Tree (Halesia carolina)

    Snowdrop Tree (Halesia carolina) is a deciduous medium-sized tree of exceptional beauty. Very pretty with its spreading branches  draped in spring to summer with masses of dainty white bell-shaped flowers.These hang from the branches and are followed by long-lasting, green four winged fruits. The attractive leaves emerge fresh green with the flowers and turn butter yellow…
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  • Strawberry Tree (Arbutus Unedo)

    Strawberry trees (Arbutus Unedo). This is a striking small tree with its leathery evergreen leaves, making a superb focal point for any garden.The creamy pink heather like flowers appear in autumn followed by plump scarlet red fruits that do indeed look like strawberries but unfortunately do not taste like them !!  The fruit fully ripen in the…
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  • Sugar Maple Acer Saccharum Ornamental

    Sugar maple  Acer Saccharum is grown in Britain more as a talking point than for its ornamental merit. Although the conversation will inevitably turn to maple syrup, British grown trees do not produce much of it. Superficially this tree resembles Norway maple but it is usually more upright. It comes from a huge area in North…
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  • Swamp cypress tree (Taxodium Distichum) Good autumn colour.

    Swamp Cypress-A deciduous or semi evergreen coniferous tree of conical habit valued largely for the brilliance of their autumn colour. Well suited as specimens. For moisture retentive, acidic soil in full or part shade. The swamp cypress is eventually a bright, fresh green , bluntly conic crown until it darkens and then, in November, turns…
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